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Pastoral Care

The pastoral care provided means pupils feel safe and happy

“Staff know all the children and their parents well. They are kind, caring, and provide the children with excellent opportunities to reach their potential.”

Pastoral care is of the utmost importance to us. Throughout their time at Crown House, our pupils have been encouraged to feel safe and at home, benefitting hugely from a strong relationship between parents and teachers. Relationships forged between teachers and pupils are strong, meaningful, and constructive, enabling each pupil to feel comfortable enough to share any problems with their teachers.

Promoting tolerance, friendship and kindness throughout the school ensures that bullying is recognised by children as well as staff, so incidents of bullying are minimal.

We understand that as the 11+ approaches, and your child is sitting examinations, that it may be a highly pressured and stressful time for them. Therefore, part of our pastoral care aims to prepare our pupils not just academically, but psychologically for their exam periods, encouraging them to continue to feel safe, secure, and reach their full potential.