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Lifelong Learning

Your child's academic life starts in Pre-School

In the Early Years, we give priority to the acquisition of the fundamental skills of literacy and numeracy. This will give your child firm foundations for the rest of their academic life.

Our hands-on style of learning ensures children will not only be taught facts, but can learn through their own experiences during the school day. This encourages your child to develop their curiosity and understanding, to discuss their experiences and make sense of activities.

Pre-School children are able to benefit from the expertise of specialist teachers in French, music, drama and sports. Our well-stocked library and school bookshop are used by all classes on a regular basis, ensuring that children in Pre-School can begin to read books that inspire and interest them:

“Children blossom in the early years, and their behaviour and personal development are exemplary. Children are enthused by the exciting curriculum.”(OFSTED 2018)