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Pastoral Care

Excellent pastoral care means thriving children

Because of the school’s strong personal and social education programme, pupils have a strong moral compass, directed by a secure appreciation of values like friendship and kindness. (OFSTED 2016)

We foster a well-ordered and caring environment to enable your child to feel safe and secure. Only when your child feels safe, and not fearful of failure, can they explore and develop their gifts and talents, which is why we have a strong focus on pastoral care.

All of our pupils know that they are valued, listened to, and taken seriously.

Teachers aim to build strong and meaningful relationships with parents to ensure that we create a sense of family and mutual trust to benefit your child. We will encourage your child both academically and personally, building upon the foundations laid by you at home.

Your child is encouraged to make a positive contribution to school life through the appointment of monitors, book buddies, and the school council. Part of the pastoral is is maintaining a commitment throughout the school to a high standard of behaviour, courtesy and self-discipline.