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About our Pre Prep

A Pre Prep Private School with an enviable reputation

Our Pre-Prep teachers ensure a smooth transition moving from Early Years to the rest of Crown House. As our dedicated Early Years staff will have developed a strong working relationship with your child, transitions through the school are done thoughtfully with your child’s needs at the forefront.

With a range of extra-curricular activities, and a commitment to hands-on learning, we offer plenty to engage and stimulate your child. Maintaining the interest of your child is at the core of our curriculum, and we will build on the foundations laid in the Pre-School to ensure that they are able to excel and gain a huge amount from a private school education.

As the curriculum becomes more rigorous, we aim to promote the joy of learning in each child, and to dispel the fear of failure. By promoting these values, we ensure that each and every child has the opportunity to fully participate in the school community. We are a private school that has developed an exceptional reputation for our Pre Prep department thanks to the care and attention provided.