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Crown House is steeped in history with a new beginning at Bassetsbury Manor

Having moved from Crown House to Bassetsbury Manor, our pupils have benefitted from renovations and larger spaces for learning and extra-curricular activity.

However, our ethos and approach to learning has never altered since 1925, when half a dozen children gathered at a vicarage in Loudwater to begin their education. Mrs Jessie Cubbage, a former headmistress of Totteridge Road Primary School, answered an advertisement to teach a vicar’s daughter.

As well as promoting a good education, Mrs Cubbage encouraged her pupils be respectful and socially upstanding. Seeing teaching only one pupil as rather wasteful, Mrs Cubbage advertised her teaching and so the foundations of Crown House were laid.

Soon after WW2, Mrs Cubbage had over 100 pupils and so bought 19 London Road. Crown House continued to flourish at London Road, with new Head Teachers putting their own stamp on education. With time, Crown House grew from being a school at which children learned facts in order to pass their 11+ to one in which artistic pursuits, and the social wellbeing of our pupils were also encouraged.

Throughout the 1970s, the school became much more of a family. The Parent Teacher Association began to organise many fundraising events, and school trips such as the French Ski Trip, and adventure holidays became the norm.  Parents became an active part of school life and teachers began to build strong and constructive relationships with parents to benefit our pupils’ education. 

As a school, we are committed to ensuring Crown House is affordable, provides high quality education, and maintains a family atmosphere.

Our move to Bassetsbury Manor ensures that your child will have more opportunities for sports and extracurricular activities, whilst maintaining a commitment to an excellent academic education.