Pastoral Care

A well ordered and caring community is fundamental to the success of every child at Crown House because it is only when children feel safe and secure in their environment that they can develop their gifts and talents to the full.

The closer the co-operation and contact between staff and parents, the greater are the benefits to our children. It goes without saying that the process of education is greatly furthered by this partnership, and we attach great importance to any interchange between home and school that strengthens this sense of family and helps to develop good communications and mutual trust.

By deploying a house merit system, appointing monitors, book buddies and a school council, we encourage each child to make a positive contribution to school life while demanding the highest standards of behaviour, courtesy and self discipline.

The school operates an open door policy, where parents are welcome to discuss their child’s progress with class teachers or the headmaster at any time. Formal scheduled Open Evenings are held twice a year during the Autumn and Spring terms (across four nights of a week) and written end of year reports are provided in July.