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We Will Not Forget

Poems to Remember Our Fallen Heroes

Year Six have been inspired by some famous First World War poetry and have written their own verses this week; some of which will be read at the Burma Star Memorial.  Here are just a couple of their pieces:

What’s the point of Remembrance Day?

Why do we come together in this way?

We come to remember the soldiers who have died;

We come to remember the children who cried.


How do we remember the soldiers who’ve been slain?

What do we do with our hurt and pain?

We gather together at the 11th hour;

To show our appreciation with the poppy flower.


What do we think about how we feel?

How do we react when we bow and kneel?

The 11th day makes us stand tall;

And cherish the soldiers, who died for us all.


By Amelia, Year Six


Year Six Poems for Remembrance Day continued…


To home, sweet home they say goodbye;

To loved ones, one and all – a kiss and a cry.

Upon the boats they stand 50 men deep;

To the front they arrive tired, no sleep.


The sky turns red as war planes fight;

As bombers come close, we block out the light;

Spitfires and Messerschmitts joust in the air;

Planes coming in, crashing down. Everywhere.


Boots, blood and battle cries,

Searing sadness in the skies;

Wailing widows wept;

And horrible memories children kept.


And the poppies now whisper in a voice to remember;

Once every year – in the month of November.

For those that we lost and who sadly died;

Fighting for our country, side by side.


By Lily, Year Six


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