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We will miss you!

As we have said, we really appreciate the support given by all of our helpers – whether it is for an hour once a year or on a regular basis, but there are a few parents who have put in many, many hours to help the school put on some amazing events: from the (now legendary) Fireworks Night, to the Christmas Bazaar and fund-raising for fantastic equipment for the children to enjoy.   
For some of those parents, their time at the helm of the Friends is now at an end, as their children move on to the next stage of their education.  ‘We cannot thank you enough for your support’!  The teachers and support team do their bit to create an amazing learning environment and to help develop superbly well-rounded individuals but it is the input of the Friends and the many parents who get involved that helps to make Crown House the fantastic family environment which we all know and love. 
We truly will miss you!