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There Be Dragons in Year Two!


Year Two have been learning about different quests and mythical tales which have often been passed down orally.  They have been excitedly writing their own story of George and the Dragon, creating a super group display of their work in their classroom.  Here is part of that group write:


Many, many years ago lived a fierce, fierce creature with red scaly skin and sharp, sharp claws.  What peculiar creature could live in such an enormous cave?  It was a dragon!   The dragon flew up in the lavender, magenta cloudy sky. The dragon’s breath was as strong as a lion’s roar.   He flew. He flew swiftly.  


Around his cave were dirty, white hard bones…  His fiery breath was very vicious when he burned down the forest.   The dragon could destroy ferny forests, a wild wood, crumbling castles, also formidable fortresses.   After many days demanding food from the people, the King sent out three, bleating, harmless sheep and the dragon ate them.   The King demanded cows, raccoons, pigs, buffaloes, birds and alligators to be eaten by the fierce dragon.  Soon it was the turn of the princess to be fed to the dragon.  The princess was scared when she saw the terrifying dragon.  She was as gentle as a cat.