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Safer Internet Day Gives Pause for Thought

This week saw schools across the UK (and other organisations) highlighting the need to stay safe on the internet.  Teaching internet safety is a core part of Crown House’s approach to Computing and something which is reviewed with the children throughout the year.

Year Three looked carefully at their internet usage. They spent some time evaluating their use of the internet by making a poll of what apps and games they used and played online. By the end of the session, the children had learnt about how to keep themselves safe by keeping their profile private; only playing on games and apps their parents know about and having only friends and family as online friends. Michael and Luke realised the importance of this, as it all starts with you!

Preschool and Reception learnt a song about staying safe and read the stories of Smarties’ adventures.  They discussed what to do if something comes up on our iPads at home that we don’t like.

Year Two took the chance to recap on work from the Autumn term and combined it with a little proof reading of another child’s advice on internet safety.  We clearly have a bunch of teachers in the making as their eagle-eyed proof reading skills came to the fore!

Year Five thought about how to be responsible digital citizens. They built on their learning from earlier in the year and were also inspired by the new BBC campaign 'Own it.'  They talked about the fact that if they would feel uncomfortable saying something to someone's face, then they shouldn’t say it online. They also looked at a range of tips for 'owning' their digital behaviour.