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Mysterious Happenings in Year Two


The book ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ has been a huge hit with Year Two.  In the original story, the crayons go on strike because of the complaints about how their owner treats them!  This sometimes irreverent look at how we care for our belongings has certainly inspired the children, who have produced character profiles and letters from the unthinking little boy, Duncan, to his crayons. 

This week saw a shocking protest in their own classroom as some of the chairs disappeared from their room.  Some of the children received short notes saying that their chairs had taken the opportunity to quit! 

The children were quick to come up with many reasons why the chairs might have gone on strike and produced some super letters to explain their thinking.

Here’s a sample of their excellent work:


Dear Duncan,

I am writing because you are annoying me!  You were rocking me really, really loudly and you’re hurting me.  All this nonsense.  What kind of person are you?  I have been waiting til you could use me sensibly!  And you still can’t do it!  If you are going to do it again, I’m moving to another child. Signed Chair. P.S. Stop doing it!  (Manuela)


Dear Duncan,

I am sick and tired because you use me too much, and I am unhappy because you almost broke me once.  I NEED A BREAK!  You kept on rocking on me – even rocking on me right now.  I’m SO UNLOVED I just need a break.  You NEVER put me on the table for a break.  Your unloved friend, Red Chair (Daisy).

Dear Duncan,

It’s me, your over-worked chair.  I’m writing because I’m very tired and weak because I’ve got to hold you up every day you come to school! 


I’m also angry because you rock on me, jump on me, scrape me on the floor and fidget on me and that’s annoying and you’re very heavy. I know you can’t lose weight but can you stop doing all those annoying things? From your tired chair (Thomas)