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Kip on a Ship


Year Fives Kip in a Ship

As Samuel Johnson is reported to have said: “Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”  Last Thursday and Friday eighteen Year Fives got to experience this for themselves. 


They travelled by train from High Wycombe and began their time at the British Museum looking at works from Asia. It was then onto the Foundling Museum where they learnt about the use of art and philanthropy to help those in need during the Georgian and Victorian Era, a workshop Year Five helped to choose. 

After that they made their first visit to their floating hotel for the night, HMS Belfast. They had a good look around to familiarise themselves with their new home and learnt about the important role it played in several key parts of British history. Later in the evening they designed and made their own mugs and had a bed time drink of hot chocolate.

During both Thursday and Friday the children used the tube and their feet to travel between locations. It was during this time that Samuel Johnson's quote rang most true. The wonder of London is that there is always something unusual or new to see, steeped in such rich history. Whilst walking along, they saw St Paul's Cathedral, The Globe Theatre, an artist making miniature art across the Millennium Bridge and a busker playing the double bass. 

On Friday they had a tour of Tower Bridge, which included the chance to enjoy the view from the glass walkway. Later in the day at the V & A, they learnt about the Great Exhibition and got to see actual items from the exhibition including mementos that were available to buy.

We are very proud of how Year Five conducted themselves and a great time was had by all.