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Digging up the Past

Year Two have been putting their previous knowledge to good use this week as they began to study history with Mrs Webber. They started the lesson by thinking about how they knew about the past.  The children were really excited to see pictures of the pyramids and that led them on to think about the other evidence they had seen of life in Egyptian times.  Niha was very excited to recall the reasons for the Sphinx and Yameen thought about how the mummies were made in Egyptian times to preserve the dead.

They went on to learn about the job an archaeologist does and how their findings help us to learn more about how people lived in the past. Together with Mrs Webber, they laid down a mini site for future excavation; thinking about how people might have come to drop coins, food waste and other likely finds from an archaeological dig. At the end of the term, they will dig up the site and see if the materials they buried are still in the same state.