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Another "Milestone" Visit to a Great Museum

On Wednesday, Years Five and Six went to visit the Milestone Museum. The children were looking forward to stepping back in time and began by entering the Victorian Era. The whole museum is built using a range of techniques and includes some real materials from the times.  It is also life size - allowing the children to feel fully immersed in the past. As you continue, time progresses until you reach the end of the Victorian Era.  Along the way, the children paid a visit to a range of period shops and looked inside a steam powered factory, experiencing sounds from the times. 

Through the time tunnel, they whizzed forwarded to the 1940s, where they used their ration books to receive a week’s rations of sweets and saw how homes have changed over time, up to the 1970s. (Some of the items seen were extremely familiar to some members of the staff!) The children were able to visit a penny arcade like those that used to be found on sea fronts across Britain and learnt a lot more about the periods of history they are studying.  Year Five got to experience what life was like for a Victorian school child and understand the impact of the industrial revolution.  Year Six kept themselves safe during the Blitz and learned about the different jobs people did in the UK during World War Two.  
Roan said: “This was the best trip ever. It was really cool how they set it up at the museum,” Sabirah added: “It was inspiring. I liked the shelter a lot.”  
Amani added: “We were learning a lot however, it was fun at the same time.”    
Ahmed: “An amazing day. I will definitely come back again!”  Whilst Oscar concluded: “I really liked it when we went to the garage and learned about cars.”