‘Graduates’ Show How Far They Have Come

pre school grad






Thursday saw a very special event taking place for our Pre-School children as the class of 2016-17 came together to celebrate a very special year of learning and fun. From the everyday successes of learning to recognise letters and numbers, as well as the big events of the year, the children enjoyed a celebration of their first class at Crown House School!

So much has happened that the children found it hard to remember their favourite occasion; from the Cinderella Ball and Christmas celebrations to taking part in World Book Day and their Super Hero Visitors!

All of the pupils had their favourite memories; Dharam liked the weekly nature walks; while Eshan enjoyed having a ‘super hero visit’ from his Dad! For Boyd and Jessica, the visit to the aquarium was a firm favourite and a chance to see all of the fish!

The children shared songs and dances with their parents and received their special graduation hats, certificates and medals.