Pre-School Visits Continue to be Super

Pre police

Pre-School have been welcoming a wide range of super visitors this week!


Starting with Mr Khan (Dad to Raef in Reception) who popped in wearing his border force uniform, to tell the children how he checks passports to help keep us safe.


All of the children were able to have a look at the passports, using some special equipment and study his uniform. He also explained that the border force team are similar to police officers but work at the airport instead.


This was followed by Mr Allum (Minnie’s Dad), who taught the children about creating safe buildings and building straight walls.


Whilst Thursday saw PC Cartwright (Ella’s Dad) and a colleague come to visit with their police car. They told the children all about their jobs and talked to the children about stranger danger.  Ms King said it was great to hear the children’s ideas about keeping safe and to see them take on board other ideas from PC Cartwright.


Ms Brooks (a definite superhero!) also visited the class and told the children all about the important jobs she has to do to help everyone during her working day.